First Post!

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to my brand new website. This is my first post ever so forgive me if I ramble, wonder off or just talk too much.

Private Escape Travel LLC is my travel company that has taken a ton of courage and faith to get going. I went from being an employed travel agent with health insurance to a owning an independent agency affiliated with Avoya Travel and I now constantly shop for health insurance! It has been scaring, terrifying, and fun all at once. 

I sell travel of all kinds. Cruises, All Inclusive's, custom vacations, River Cruises, and of course your traditional hotels and car rentals. I started my travel career way back in the day working at the Walt Disney World Dolphin at Lake Buena Vista. To this day, I adore that property and everything that goes with it. I started out in food and beverage and left there while being in reservation sales. From that point I worked in hospitality in many capacities, front desk, catering sales, sales in general, pretty much you name it. I left for a while and use by sales background in the music industry as well as banking and communications but returned to travel since it is my passion. 

Another passion of mine is photography. I have my degree in Visual Communications and for the last 9 years I have also been a professional photographer. My specialties are people, you know, children, families, seniors and also doing actors headshots. But recently I have really been embracing travel photography and I see  my worlds merging even more in the future. 

I am hoping with this website to share with you not only my trips, but my clients trips, special deals and carry on the discussion of travel. So please feel free to drop me a note, and let me know what you would like to see discussed here and I will do my best to cover it!

Have a great day!

Spring Break visit to Los Angeles-2016

Spring Break visit to Los Angeles-2016